Accessible Pricing Details

This is a method that works towards making the classes and courses we offer financially accessible while ensuring we can financially sustain the business. With this pricing model there are 3 tiers for you to choose from. We ask that you consider the price that fits your needs currently, without guilt and with honesty. We do not upscale our pricing so that it can be discounted to entice buyers. Instead, we keep our prices the same year-round, so people can access educational materials at the time they need regardless of financial situation. Please note that the “not today” and “accessible” price are not discounts for those hoping to get the best deal. Our suggested price is what we can sustainably offer to keep providing classes and courses. The Price Adjustment Codes for "not today" and "accessible" pricing can be found on the description page for a course. 
(For more details see the Accessible Pricing FAQs)
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