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Meet the Founder and Lead Instructor

Stacie Lampkin is a:

Pediatric Pharmacist

Stacie has been practicing as a pediatric ambulatory care pharmacist for over 10 years. She received her Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2009, completed a pediatric pharmacy residency in 2010, and became a Board Certified Pediatric Pharmacy Specialist in 2015.

Patient Advocate

Stacie became a Board Certified Patient Advocate in 2019 after experiencing first-hand the difficulties of navigating a new health issue. She combines her experience as a patient with her variety of expertise (pharmacy, aromatherapy, herbalism, etc.) to create classes.

Parent & Baby Whisperer

Not only is Stacie a parent to two young kids, she always had a passion for working with kids and families. Stacie spent her teenage years babysitting, organizing neighborhood days camps, and provided swimming lessons for kids. 

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What Learners are Saying:

What great learning opportunities. I love the on-demand style. I can review it again and again. I look forward to more of Stacie's classes - as a pharmacist and educator, she's perfect at delivering this material!
~Rachel Westlake
Health Advocate and Founder of Cycadian Health Advocacy

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Stacie Lampkin also writes blog posts, guest podcasts, and is available for speaking engagements.
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